Yeonnam-dong, Seoul (연남동)

In addition to Ikseon-dong (see here and here), Yeonnam-dong and Hannam-dong are my favourite neighbourhoods in South Korea.

Unlike Ikseon-dong which has a lot more traditional 'hanok' style cafes and restaurants, Yeonnam-dong is more hippie and contemporary, and artistic in many ways.

The whole neighbourhood is rather huge and I was just randomly walking in the alleys when I found these unique looking spaces. At some corner you'd feel like you're in Europe, and another corner you're in an old Korean neighbourhood. It's really quite fascinating. The area comprises of residential and commercial spaces so don't be surprised when you think you're walking deep into residential areas, you are quite likely to find another gem of a cafe in a corner.

How to get there?
Subway Line 2
Alight at Hongik Univ. Station
Exit 3
(The famous Hongdae street is on the other side at exit 8 or 9)

Upon exit, walk straight and you will be greeted with a stretch of park space the Seoulites affectionately call 'Yeon-tral Park' like Central Park. This stretch of space used to be a rail road. You can still see some remains if you follow the trail and walk all the way to the end. It's my favourite place to just sit and sip coffee during warmer weather.


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Lovely post. Wish I can go one day to Korea :-)
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Helene Goldnadel said...

Beautiful. This historic city has retained the hidden past of century old temples, palaces, pagodas and pleasure gardens, which the visitors prefer to see.

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beautiful!..Korea is in my bucketlist and hope someday will have the chance to go there with my children for leisure and not for work..


James Fetzer said...

What a beautiful place. With a great amount of tourist spots to visit in Seoul, one may not know where to start.

Paradigm Capital Management said...

Seoul. Seoul has been able to preserve many of their historical landmarks though they have gone abreast with the changing time wherein modernization for offices and homes abound.

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