Review: Aqua Peel & Laser Toning in Seoul

So I went for my first facial treatments (Aqua Peel and Laser Toning) in South Korea for the first time 3 days ago and I am so excited to share about it! Before I begin, my first thought is how I regret not trying it earlier so that I can schedule more treatments before I go back to Singapore in February!

I've always wanted to try some of these treatments while in Seoul because they are much cheaper compared to doing it in Singapore. After months of on-and-off research, I decided to make an appointment at Maypure Clinic in Gangnam, Seoul. Maypure has over 10 clinics all over Seoul so it's really convenient for anyone staying in Seoul.

How to make an appointment?
I tried calling them but the line was constantly unavailable so I decided to message them via KakaoTalk (if you have KakaoTalk installed, you can click on the icon on their Korean website here).

For first-timers...
You need to have a consultation with a doctor first. I was assigned an English-speaking doctor who basically just asked me what I am interested in doing and then he went on to explain how each treatment works and the benefits and that's it, I washed my face and started with my first treatment.

I did the 2 top treatments in Korea - Aqua Peel and Laser Toning.

Aqua Peel is, in my own words, exfoliation while nourishing the skin with a lot of beneficial stuff (serums, AHA, BHA etc) at the same time to give you clean, clear and bright skin. For more detailed definition and how the process works, ask Google ;)

It's painless, lasts for about 10 minutes and the redness goes away rather quickly.

After the Aqua Peel, I went straight for the Laser Toning treatment. This treatment consists of the laser process which lasts about 3-5 minutes for the entire face, followed by application of 2 different creams. Regular toning is said to boost collagen production, improve skin tone, lighten pigmentations etc, you know, the usual anti-aging stuff.

 I'd seen people talk about laser toning and that it wasn't painful so I was nervous but I wasn't expecting any pain. BUT I'm such a wuss it was painful for me. I stuck it up and endured it telling myself 'no pain no gain' a million times before the treatment ended.

After the treatment ended, I was like 'okayyyy it wasn't thaaattt painful', just a strong prickly feeling plus smelling something burnt (I guess it was my skin? But once again, this treatment has ZERO downtime. I don't know what was being lasered and burned but the redness lasted 30 minutes).

They told me to apply moisturizer and sunscreen before I leave, and that I MUST apply sunscreen everyday after.

They also told me these 2 treatments can be done weekly but I think I will probably do it once every 10-14 days to see some results.

There was no hardselling of any packages.

How much is it? 
The AP and LT treatment cost 22,000won each (approx. USD22, SGD27).

I know it's really cheap compared to doing it in, say Singapore, but I have to manage your expectations in terms of what you will be experiencing. The treatments are very 'tactical', you get what you order and that's it. There's no pampering face massage or whatsoever. It's a clinic, not a spa.

How do I feel? 
To be honest, every such treatment requires regular maintenance in order to see results so while I don't expect much after just doing it once, I do feel that my skin is smoother and brighter today (day 3). In fact yesterday I didn't put on make up, just lots of sunscreen and concealor under my eyes and yet I felt my skin looked really nice overall.

I would encourage anyone with some free time to spare in Seoul to go for an AP because it's always good to exfoliate, and it's fast, cheap and has no downtime. You can go on with your sightseeing and shopping immediately afterwards.

I am planning to schedule at least 3 to 4 more treatments before I return to Singapore so I hope to share some before and after reviews (if it all works out haha).



Melina Fernandez said...

Hi beauty, I'm loving your blog. Hope you can see mine.


Toni Taylor said...

Great review! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

i like your blog and recommendation, and i think that burning smell would be your facial hairs burned.

Clara said...

Hi there thanks for the review! I will definitely try both treatments in June when I will be Seoul ! 🤗 I was wondering what was the clinic?

Anneli Jäätteenmäki said...

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Rui Min said...

Hi, I'm keen to try this out next month when I visit Korea. May I know if it'll help if I mention your name as a referral? I previously went to a clinic for quotation before and they quoted me hundreds for simple laser so i'm wondering if it's because I'm not a local.

Would be great if you could share the korean name of this procedure?

Tim Meakin said...

Wow, such beautiful products!

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