Ikseon-dong, Seoul (익선동) Part II

The last time I visited Ikseon-dong for Dongbaek's strawberry souffle pancakes, they were not available and I have not stopped thinking about them since! 5 months later, there I was, finally sinking my teeth into the famous pancakes and they did not disappoint!

You see I was there with an old friend who was visiting Seoul and I raved about those pancakes so much that when they came, we quickly took some pictures and started eating hence I forgot to take more photos of these glorious pancakes. Maybe third time's a charm? After all, I have yet to bring the bf there so... we'll see!

After the pancakes, my friend (who is an avid tea-drinker) suggested to have some Korean traditional tea at this very traditional tea house. I must say Korean teas are not like your Western or Chinese teas but more of the herbal sort, with each variety boosting at least 2 to 3 health benefits. I love my teas - Chinese and Western though not so much Asian herbal teas, but I am in love with these Korean teas because they are so good for your body. They go really well with traditional Korean tea snacks too.

Up till this time, I only had the strawberry pancakes, some tea and snacks so I was really looking to eat more (you know, cold weather makes me really hungry all the time). One of the famous Korean cold weather snacks is the Hotteok (Korean Fried Sweet Pancake). Typically it contains brown sugar syrup/some sweet filing, this Hotteok shop I chanced upon had savory filings like cheese, pizza etc so I had to try some! It was not bad for a quick snack and I would definitely try other flavours next time!

I love Ikseon-dong for many reasons, from food to the atmosphere and most of all, the exterior and interior design of the whole space. I am the most drawn to cafes and restaurants with plants and flowers. I like the blend of nature and modern spaces.

Don't forget to check out my first post on Ikseon-dong here, as well as travel directions!



Tanara Fagundes said...

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LUX said...

Wow! It looks fantastic :)
I don't know falf of your food as it is very exotic but looks really fancy!

Zooey Notes said...

Так интересно читать о стране, о которой ничего не знаешь, не имеешь представления, какая там жизнь. У вас очень красивые фото


Okcheori Roseline said...

The cake looked breathtaking and it was so yummy!
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Tanara Fagundes said...

already following you!
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Yee Kok Siong said...

I am hungry Now.

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