Anseong Farmland in Autumn

So... we're back at Anseong Farmland again and this time it was to see the Pink Muhly Grass! The last time we were here (see this post), we came for the Canola Flowers in Spring. Growing up in a tropical country, this whole 'seasonal' flowers thing really fascinates me. The view was totally different in Spring. In October, there was the Cosmos flower season too which I'd caught it elsewhere but yeap, you can see Cosmos in October. If I am not wrong, you can even see roses in June/July.

When we came in Spring, these sheeps were all resting in the sheds but this time round they were roaming free!

Though Spring was a refreshing sight, seeing budding leaves and flowers blooming after a dead-ish Winter, I must say that Autumn is so breathtakingly beautiful. The colours are so warm and brings so much feels to me. Maybe because I'm a little melancholic like that, they get to be so beautiful now because the end is near once again for them but no worries, Spring will come in no time.



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