Itaewon Cafe: Parched Seoul

During the Korean Thanksgiving holidays, almost every cafe in Seoul were closed but a friend and I managed to visit a few which were still open. One of them is Parched Seoul in Itaewon. I reckon Itaewon is a good place to visit during any major Korean holidays because it's the 'international' area which is likely to stay open for foreigners in Seoul.

What I liked about this cafe is that by looking at the exterior, you would never know this is a cafe. It is nested in a residential area, in fact the facade looks like somebody's home too. Once you step in, it's like entering someone's home. The ordering and barista counter is small and informal, with a variety of seats settings indoors.

After coffee, we explored the quaint little neighbourhood before making our way to the main Itaewon area, and then to Hannam-dong, the more hipster and somewhat more indie part of Itaewon well known for its cafe and little shops.

Parched Seoul
용산구 이태원동 451-5
Nearest Subway Station: Noksapyeong (Line 4)


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