Pyeongtaek Cafe: Of Coffee

I enjoy visiting cafes not for the coffee, but rather the whole idea of sipping something, being in the moment with nothing to do and nothing to care about, and to people watch, wondering what they are doing, what they are thinking of.

Since I live about 1 to 2 hours away from central Seoul (where there are so many more exciting cafes to be found and explored), I am always looking out for nice cool cafes here at Osan/Pyeongtaek. And here at Pyeongtaek, I found Of Coffee by chance and I've been going there whenever I am in the area since.

The cafe has 2 levels, minimal decor and some plants, hitting all the right spots of what I like about cafes. On a side note, Anthracite in Itaewon is really worth the visit (good coffee + nice decor) but I didn't manage to snap any pictures the last time I went.

You'll be happy to know this cafe is located in the bustling area outside Camp Humphreys where you can find an international variety of food and drinks. It's quite like a little Itaewon, a very multi-cultural place. I love visiting there because I don't feel so much like a foreigner there, with English-speaking people everywhere :)

Address: 경기도 평택시 중앙시장로 19번길 3


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Beautiful post :)) :* I like this cafe <3

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Anas Imtiaz said...

Lovely pictures!