Layering Necklaces

I've been really busy back home and now that I am back in South Korea, I think I will have more time to resume writing about my life here once again!

The boyfriend just moved to a new neighbourhood and I haven't stepped out since I landed on Monday night. I'm getting used to the new home, and I hope to start exploring the outside soon!

In Singapore, I had the chance to help my friend who runs Curious Creatures, a jewelry shop based locally which has both online and offline presence. Working for her was extremely fun because I get to try all the jewelry she has created but that gave me huge pocket problems when I wanted to buy everything I tried so I had to practise a lot of self control!

Combining some necklaces I bought, I tried the layering trend and I really liked it. I think the trick is to layer similar metal colours, and pieces with similar chain thickness. The top one with a little crescent is from Stonehenge Korea so the chain is a little thinner and look maybe a little out of place? I am definitely looking to grow my necklace collection to do more layering in future!

For now, I'm saving these pieces to my wishlist first!