Jebu-do (제부도)

Before summer really ends, I really wanted to go to the beach. While I heard of really nice beaches near Incheon, I found some information about Jebu-do (제부도) near Hwaseong-si, about 1.5hours away from where we are living and the bf, surprisingly, agreed to take me there!

Just when we were about to cross the bridge connecting the mainland to Jebu-do, the bf remembered that we had to check the tide timing because the bridge is submerged in waters during high tide. We got there around 4pm which was still high tide so we had to detour a bit to another area for some sightseeing before crossing the bridge at 5.30pm so REMEMBER TO CHECK THE TIDE SCHEDULE before going!

Kitty doing business on the beach!

The wind got pretty chilly during sunset and that's when I know, summer is going to be over! In fact, it's already early autumn. I just dumped my shorts into the washing machine, knowing that it's gonna be all pants and jeans from now on. And soon, it'll be sweater weather, dry skin and cracked lips. 

Dear Winter, please be kind this year.



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