Review: Dear, Klairs

Dear Klairs was introduced to me by my cousin who has sensitive acne prone skin. When I came to South Korea earlier this year, my face became so dry and dull, she recommended me this brand known for their anti-animal testing/cruelty and (more) natural ingredients list. Compared to major Korean skincare brands, Dear Klairs is like the more 'indie' brand, though they're equally becoming very popular among locals and foreigners alike.

I highly recommend their Supple Preparation Facial Toner and Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser as mentioned in my 'Skincare Products to Buy in South Korea' post.

Pictured above (from left) are the Rich Moist Soothing Cream, Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil, Supple Preparation Facial Toner, and a box of Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad (the cotton pad is actually a free gift, because you always get free gifts when buying skincare in Korea! Yay!)

So what will I repurchase?

Definitely the Supple Preparation Facial Toner, because the price and volume makes it extremely affordable. I'm already at my second bottle. PLUS it really hydrates my skin and goes well with any of my moisturizers. I do feel that my skin is smoother ever since I started using the toner more than 3 months ago.

While the Rich Moist Soothing Cream was light, gentle and moisturizing, I found it a little expensive and too 'average' for its price. Since I already stocked up Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Intense Cream (in preparation for winter because it literally saved my skin earlier this year) during an Olive Young sale, I will not be repurchasing anytime soon, or even at all.

I am the most disappointed with the Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil though. I read reviews and it worked for many, with a few saying that its cleansing powers are not strong enough. I used it for about a month and my chin had a lot of clogged pores and breakouts. Ever since changing it back to my Heimish All Clean Balm since coming back to Korea, the clogged pores have slowly cleared up and I haven't found much new clogged bumps since. P/s.... I have also started using my Huxley Grab Water serum/essence after toner and I feel my skin getting really plump and clear. Reviews next time!

So as mentioned, beauty and skincare shopping in Korea usually means you get lots of free samples and other freebies, depending on how much you spend! I am still very much a Dear Klairs fan and I can't wait to try these samples to know what other good stuff they have, especially the Midnight Youth series which is anti-aging (I NEED) and the Freshly Juiced ranges for brightening (I ALSO NEED!).

Till the next review.....



Everyday.lifecz said...

I do not even know this brand, but it looks really interesting. I particularly like their attitude that they do not test animals.

Bidadari22 said...

great information and it