The Hard-to-get Zara Dress

I shared the story of how I got this Zara dress on my Instagram page and it has become one of my most-liked posts!

Thinking back, I don't know why I was so in love with this dress. I saw it and I really really wanted it. It was both out of stock online and at the 4 Zaras in South Korea (the Zara outlets are very sparse in Korea, it was not like I could visit 4 Zaras in Singapore within an hour as they are all along the same stretch of road). I tried to look for it in Osaka, it was also out of stock. I finally joined the wait list on Zara Korea site and got it after a week or so but don't get me started on the online shopping and checkout process on It was a nightmare! Subsequently, I also found out that Zara restocked them a few times, as mentioned on this post.

Anyway when the dress came, it was too big and long for me (short people problems ugh). I did not want to alter it in Korea as I was not familiar with the tailors so I waited to come back to Singapore to have it altered at my usual tailor. The amount of fabric removed was probably enough to make another Zara cropped top! I also removed some buttons at the bottom so that it would look similar to the original design.

And finally, I got to wear it after 2-3 months of it sitting in my closet. Still not sure if all that effort was worth it... haha!


Elena M said...

Wonderful dress, u look really perfect!

Karolina Barcikowska said...

Beatifull dresses. Beautiful woman ❤

Varuna Jithesh said...

Nice and Perfect looking outfit..

Gil Zetbase said...

Have a nice day!
Gil Zetbase

Ilija Cvetkov said...

Great post, I like it :)

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Panty Buns said...

Your Zara dress looks very pretty! I like the sleeves, buttons down the front, the pockets, and the gathering at the high waistline. You look fabulous wearing it - I love your outfit photos.

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