How (I Try) To Look Taller

I am always pretty hesitant to post my own outfit pictures because unlike tall people, I don't always look good in everything I wear. Standing at just 5", I am also not the skinny kind of petite girls who can look taller than they really are so I'm always trying to find ways to look taller. One of my favourite 'strategy' is to wear high-waisted bottoms to visually elongate my legs. If you have any other 'look taller' tips, please let me know!

P/s: How cute is my straw bag from Philippines for just $15?!


Dressed With Soul said...

Don't worry, you look fantastic how you are! And btw I'm also everything other than tall :)
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

amely rose said...

Don't worry mydear, you look amazingand definetly taller.
But I know this feeling, I too try to look taller most of the time.
Great combination.

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Elena M said...

A very nice and stylish look, dear!

W Niedoskonałościach Tkwi Indywidualność said...

you look very beautiful! envy.

Mens fashion obsession said...

Great post :) I like it :) fantastic outfit :)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful picutres
8 really like this poste