Looks for Less: Duchess Fashion

via harpersbazaar uk

Ever since I saw pictures of Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, in this beautiful Dior Haute Couture dress last night (browsing on my Instagram before sleeping), I knew I had to talk about it (and try to find pocket-friendly versions). The silhouette is so flattering! The bateau neckline does not expose too much and the midi length + long sleeves made her look so impeccable.

Fashion aside, does anyone notice that she's 'holding' onto Harry a lot? Maybe it's a newlyweds thing but it makes Kate and William look a bit cold.

It was difficult to find good alternatives of the dress right now, but I'm sure many brands will start producing similar silhouettes and they will sell out the minute they are released. ;)

Here's another dress she wore that is almost similar but without sleeves and a lower neckline. And there, holding on to Harry once again...

via the telegraph uk

I'm really looking forward to see more of the Duchess' fashion in the coming royal tour days!

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