Bruxie, Seoul

We chanced upon Bruxie Fried Chicken & Waffle after spending an afternoon at the Lotte World Aquarium. We were hungry and did not want to walk far for food so right outside the aquarium's exit I saw Bruxie and I really wanted to have some waffles!

The bf was skeptical at first, like how delicious can fried chicken and waffle be, I don't know, sometimes his taste buds are too Korean (haha) but when the food came, it was soooooo good. Even though they were just waffles and chicken, it was so filling. I would definitely have it again if I am in the area.

On a separate note, I really like Lotte World because it's like a one-stop for so many things:

1. The COS store there is unisex
2. 1 of 2 Hollister stores in the whole of South Korea is there
3. Well, the Zara there is huge
4. Has almost everything - supermarket, cinema, all sorts of clothing and apparel brands
5. Has an aquarium
6. Has an indoor and outdoor themepark

To get there, take subway line 2 to Jamsil station and follow the signs to Lotte World Mall.

Oh here's a fun fact my Korean friend once told me why he wouldn't go to Jamsil at all. Apparently Jamsil, specifically the area where Lotte World sits on, is built on reclaimed land. The developers were in such a hurry to complete the place they may or may not have done it properly or use proper materials but some Koreans fear that the Lotte building will one day sink or collapse. Despite that, the place is still crowded with people and families all the time so I guess it's not all that true? We'll never know.

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