Shady Business II: Sunglasses You Have To Try This Summer

I have always been a sunnies kind of person. For obvious reasons, it hurts my eyes when it's too bright out there (I remember the brightness gave me a vomit-inducing migraine), not to mention if you don't protect your eyes from UV, you might get cataracts when you're old... but for even more obvious reasons, it makes me feel I'm somewhat fashionable when I wear my sunnies.

A lot (okay maybe not a lot) has changed since my first sunnies post back in 2014 (here). These days smaller sunnies are making its way to fashionable people's faces but who can forget those giant insect-eye sunnies everyone wore to look like Victoria Beckham?

Anyway, while I often go for classic styles and maybe sometimes styles that look a little more fun (reflective lenses, cat-eye shapes and what not), I'm really contemplating if I should try one of these? 

I'm really also wondering about these.. but these are also what I would normally go for. What do you think? These rosegold babies....

Via Asos, Dailymail, Instyle, Justjared, whowhatwear, Style du Mode, Quay, Pinterest

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