Anseong Farmland, Gyeonggi-do (안성팜랜드)

So in South Korea, I've come to learn that quite a few types of flowers start blooming from Spring to late Autumn, starting with cherry blossoms, rapeseed flowers (pictured above), roses, cosmos etc.

I chanced upon a photographer who took pictures of these rapeseed flowers and I had to DM her and ask her where (crazy fan girl) and it turned out to be at Anseong Farmland, which is about an hour's drive from where we live so I dragged the bf out on a beautiful Sunday morning (it rained the day before so it was sunny but really cool) to visit some animals and gorgeous flowers!

I liked that the place wasn't too crowded even though it was the weekend. The crowd was mostly families and a few couples like us. It's a huge piece of land so there's plenty of space to move around and explore. The bf's favourite part of the farm is the rabbit enclosure where we got to pet rabbits and buy carrots to feed them.

There were sheeps, horses, cows, pigs, goats etc and my favourite was feeding the donkey because all the attention was on the horses.

I also fed baby goats and boy, the bigger ones were aggressive which is why I always try to feed the smaller ones.

There were also 'free-range- baby goats hanging around for petting and photo taking.

And here's where I brought out my inner camwhore and took like a million photos.

Overall I really like the place because it was just really 'slow' and relaxing. This definitely beats going to the city or Seoul where it's bustling and always crowded with people.

I have no idea how to get there other than driving and I suppose it's maybe a 2-hour car ride from Seoul. Nonetheless, just hit '안성팜랜드' in Naver maps and you're good to go!

Don't worry that Naver map is in Korean because somewhere along the way, the app upgraded and it's now in English for me! Well, except some location names but its functions are all in English so it's pretty user friendly.


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