Osaka in One Afternoon

I was incredibly blessed to have the chance to join a girlfriend on this trip to Osaka and Kyoto last week. It was my first time to Japan, I had no expectations and no real planned itinerary. We only had an afternoon at Osaka and of course we went to where the famous Glico man is - Dotonbori.

I ate SO SO SO much. I had the best sushi and scallop sashimi at a random sushi bar we walked into (and for the next few days I ate sushi everyday because sushi in Japan is the best sushi I've ever eaten!!!)

I wanted to blog about this trip because I wanted to remember the amazing time I had in Japan captured in pictures, and there are only so many pictures I feel like posting on Instagram #firstworldproblems.

Something I really liked about Japan/Osaka/Kyoto is the small streets/alleys. They're so unexpected and beautiful in a subtle way. You'll see more in my Kyoto post!

We ate the MUST-EAT in Osaka - Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki.

And Matcha ice cream! (this is only 1 of the 3 or 4 I ate throughout the whole trip!)

Kyoto next!

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