CLIO Rouge Heel Velvet & Mad Matte Tint

It's been a while since I last blogged and somehow, somewhat, I found myself right here in South Korea again. It's the land of amazing skincare and makeup products and I absolutely cannot resist not buying any of the 'hit' products to try.

Clio recently launched a new face (Krystal Jung) and a new lip stick range for matte lips. I've tried a few matte lip colours previously from 3CE and they were too drying and I thought I would never want to try matte lips ever again. But then during my last trip, one of my friends who has been living in Seoul for 2 years recommended me a Too Cool For School matte lipstick and I loved it! It wasn't drying at all. This Clio one comes in a range of really pretty colours and the one I have chosen really brightens my skin tone.

Overall it's quite lasting and not tooooo drying. If you prefer something more natural, the tint (not pictured on me) works great and the colour density can be layered on. The colour is not as intense compared to the lipstick and it just depends on what you like. Some days I like the lipstick, some days I really love the tint.

I hope this review somehow helps because ever since I started buying skin care and makeup products here, I ALWAYS research first before buying and there are times I felt like there aren't enough reviews so I just hope to share something from my point of view since well, I'm here in the land of amazing skincare and makeup products afterall :)

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