G Dragon's Cafe Monsant, Aewol

This is my 4th time to Jeju and I'm finally doing something different! The prior 3 times were with a group tour so the places we'd been were mostly the same.

Since we're on our own this time, we could go anywhere we wanted! And of course, I had to visit the famous cafe by GD at Aewol.

The vibe was pretty cool, pretty chill. The building is like a giant mirror with panels, reflecting everything around it. Naturally people, including us, stopped to take pictures of ourselves in the reflection but upon entering the cafe and seated inside, it kinda looks ridiculous from the inside seeing how everyone was posing and taking pictures. But I guess that's like the charm and interesting part of it - letting people see you at your natural self, caught off-guard. I believe GD is a very deep person and I think this is what he would have wanted to achieve. Haha, in my opinion.

The coffee and cake was not bad, it was a nice place to chill, people-watch and do nothing. The view was incredible. I loved it.