3CE Face Tuning Concealer Palette

I've been using the same beige-colored concealer from Maybelline for as long as I can remember. It's cheap and works well for me, doesn't cake or make the skin under my eyes dry.

Recently I learnt that depending on the color of your undereye circles, you can use different colored concealers to disguise the color. For example, green to color-correct red-ish undertones or purple for brown etc.

When I saw this concealer palette online, I knew I had to try it when I visit South Korea again.

To be honest, I was just very excited to pick this up at 3CE at a Lotte Young Plaza in Ulsan (so that I can quickly use it while still on holiday). I got this, a loose powder, lip balm and the Barbapapa mini brush set. In my memory when I mentally wishlisted these items, they weren't that expensive but when I was paying up, DAMN I spent almost SGD150 on them. I know make up are usually expensive but I've been buying The Face Shop cushion at SGD12 each so I felt the pinch a little. No, a lot. And the worst part was the cashier said there is no tax refund for this 3CE shop. WHICH, I think is bullshit because I've bought stuff from Lotte Young Plaza before and it's TAX-FEE. Boohoo.

Anyway tax refund aside, I also realised she gave me the wrong loose powder. It was my fault that I didn't check :(

Anyways back to this concealer palette - I wouldn't buy it again because it's expensive and while it does wonder in correcting different skin problems + the highlight and contour colors at the bottom are amazing, there are other products at a more affordable price that does the trick so nope, not repurchasing.

Packaging looks cute but it's really just cheap plastic. I guess I can slowly understand when my Korean friends tell me that the locals don't really buy 3CE. It's just not worth the money...

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