the time we sat beneath the trees

I was working and I came across the copy that our copywriter had written about a branding project that was done. It says:

"It's like the time when we sat beneath the trees and ate. Our suits and dresses felt heavy, yet light; our conversations were sincere. The memory of that simple meal, like words etched into the trunk of a tree, will stay with us. Those moments were golden."

This paragraph reminded me very much of my first date with the boyfriend. He'd wanted to show me the Naksan Fortress but the way up was so steep I needed to sit down and catch my breath. We sat below the trees in a gloomy soon-to-drizzle weather. We talked about things like family, which was pretty personal in his opinion, he later told me. It wasn't something that people talked about on their first dates (in his culture). But he also told me that it was what we talked about that time that kinda made him want to know me better, because I was genuine and sincere. That cool autumn afternoon was also the first time I realised how light his brown eyes were.

He makes me so dizzy sometimes :)

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