Learning Korean At Yonsei University

I just realised I didn't take a lot of pictures while I was at Yonsei :( I remember clearly every time I'd wanted to snap a photo on my way to class, I told myself it's okay, I can do it tomorrow and eventually I never did! Lesson learnt - never put off things for tomorrow, do it right here, right now.

Initially when I wanted to embark on this, I was considering between Ehwa, Sogang and Yonsei. I eventually went for Yonsei because:

1. Yonsei is one of the top 3 universities in South Korea. 'SKY' are the best universities - Seoul National, Korea and Yonsei University. Many would debate that it's SYK, especially students and teachers at Yonsei and I would think students at Korea U would insist it's SKY.

2. While I read that Sogang has a better curriculum that focus more on speaking than grammar and vocabulary, Sogang's semester dates were not favourable for me.

3. Ehwa is a women's university so..... HAHAHA.

Despite reading that some international students did not enjoy their time at Yonsei at all and loved the classes at Sogang a lot more, I think it all boils down to the teachers. My teachers were really kind and nice so I had an amazing time at Yonsei.

The program I chose was for 3 weeks and it was super intensive. 9am to 1pm everyday, Monday to Friday for 3 weeks. I had homework everyday. Classes were conducted in full Korean. It was really helpful for me that I had basic knowledge of the language so I could grasp what the teacher was teaching, a lot more than my level 1 friends who didn't understand one bit of Korean.

Language students get access to all the same facilities as the regular students. Everyday as I walked to school, I imagined bumping into a hot Korean man who would helped me pick up my books, or asks me if I wanted to grab coffee, or simply asks me if I could practise speaking English with him.

3 weeks later, we had a mini graduation ceremony, and still no Korean men in sight. Haha.

I was in Seoul for 3 months but decided on the 3-week program so that I could explore every corner of Seoul as much as possible, and also to travel out of Seoul/Gyeonggi if I could.

Even though I am back in Singapore, I left my heart in Seoul. I am so glad to have done this. I was incredibly blessed to have met a lot of wonderful people who'd helped me, who'd became my friends that I know I would keep for the rest of my life.

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