Olympic Park

I have been having so much fun that I forgot to blog. The past 1 month + had been so so so amazing! I made so many friends and did so many things, went to so many places and tried many kinds of food. This is like second-chance university life for me - the things I didn't use to do during my time in Australia, I'm doing them ALL now.

Some days I take a step back and just look at where I am, what I'm doing and I think I'm incredibly blessed. This experience is once in a life time. This experience, I will never forget. Ever.

I caught an English movie last weekend and when I was in the theatre, when the movie was ongoing (in English, yay! No subtitles!) I felt like in that enclosed space, I was back in Singapore. It was a weird surreal feeling. Like... Am I in Singapore? Am I still in Seoul?

Right now I'm just chilling at a cafe at a new place I've never been, typing this. Everyday is a new experience for me and I really feel like I can get used to this. Well if my finances were a bottomless pit, I would like to live here in Seoul, forever. Sigh.

So I went to Incheon 2 days ago, alone (YAY! Another tiny personal milestone) and it was pretty scary at first! Imagine taking a 1-hour bus not very sure where to alight but phew, I made it to my destination.

Till the next time.....

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