Conversation with a Korean Taxi Driver

In my 2 months here, I've only taken the taxi twice. The first time was nothing much, it was only my 2nd week in Seoul, I wasn't quite brave enough to strike a conversation with the driver who probably could only converse in Korean.

The 2nd time was fun. It was 4am at Itaewon. Wait, I have to share this first - so, I live in Sinchon, which taxi drivers consider relatively near to Itaewon and this means they are unlikely to take me. Drivers are more inclined to take passengers who will be travelling across the Han River (Yeap my first time was at Gangnam so they happily took me back to Sinchon).

Okay back to my story, it was 4am at Itaewon, drizzling pretty heavily and then this private taxi driver (kinda like Uber) in a Mercedes asked where we are going, in English no less, because one of my friends was blonde (obviously foreigner) and we quickly got in after he told us the fare. It was a little expensive but we would never have been able to go home if we tried to hail a normal cab.

This driver was a nice and friendly grandfather. We were all a bit drunk and feeling extremely happy so I asked the driver a few questions, here goes:

(Okay so us and the driver were pretty much laughing throughout this whole conversation)

M: How come you can speak English so well?
D: I used to work in a international company, that's why.

M: Do you have any sons? (HAHA)
D: Yes I have 2 sons. Only 1 is not married.

M: Oh~ 시아버지 (Father-in-law), do you mind if your son marries a foreigner? (yes I called him Father-in-law in Korean HAHA)
D: HAhaha..... (Goes on to laugh for a while) No I don't mind.

D: Okay okay, what is your job?

So I guess the joke became serious the moment he asked me what's my job, to which I replied I'm a student, and he changed the subject shortly.

Hahaha, I guess they really place strong emphasis on career and family backgrounds when looking for potential wives, daughter-in-laws etc.....

Anyway it was an interesting conversation!

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