south korea, apr'16

Between winter and spring in South Korea, I definitely choose the latter! Wearing multiple layers of clothing was sucha chore, my skin became so dry it cracked - I definitely am not made for very cold weather. Spring on the other hand was really lovely with the great weather, especially with flowers and cherry blossom trees blooming at every corner.

We visited the Gyeonghwa Station railroad lined with cherry blossoms and the Jinhae Gunhangjae Festival. It was so beautiful I would go there over and over again!

We were at Busan for 1 night and spent some time at the city's cat cafe filled with friendly and well-groomed cats that came and literally rested on us like babies! *insert heart eyes emoji*

I found an old photo of the lake in Gyeongbokgung in winter and then I took one in spring..

Perhaps.. perhaps I could take one in autumn too?

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