France, Dec'14

i found some pictures of my trip to france in 2014 and remembered what an amazing holiday it was - to go to europe for the first time, to see so many iconic buildings, structures and places with one of my oldest friend.. thinking of those times brought a smile to my face :)

i remember this was my first meal in paris! the restaurant was in an alley and they served everything eggs..

the view outside our paris apartment. we airbnb-ed the whole trip, and in some ways, lived like locals. our french hosts were very friendly.. and neighbours were nicer than expected :)

view from the top of the eiffel tower..

mont saint michel abbey.. a few hours' drive from paris. it was sooooooo beautiful!

view from the top of the abbey...

the view from our apartment in lyon. out of the places i went (paris, mont saint michel, lyon, marseille, nice), lyon was my favourite.

cote d'azur

saint tropez (the first time i got to know the words 'saint tropez' was in victoria beckham's auto biography - saint tropez was the name of her spray tan. haha!)

ferris wheels were literally everywhere, every corner in every french city..

nice was nice

the notre dame

so it was more like a road trip - we drove from paris to mont saint michel to lyon to marseille to saint tropez to nice and flew back to paris from nice. i remember this quaint but very gorgeous town we drove past, cobbled-stone streets and red-brick shophouses, it was so so so beautiful. i would really love to go on another road trip in france one day.

i would highly recommend using airbnb for the accommodation in those places i visited because the apartments were one of a kind, very different from home and of course, gave us a chance to live like a local.

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