we'll always have paris

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last december, i was very grateful for the opportunity to visit various parts of france with a good friend. it was cold and despite much desires to take gorgeous 'ootds', these desires were quickly replaced with thoughts of 'i just want to stay indoors' or 'screw that ootd'. i really wonder how bloggers do it. or rather, how do they keep warm?

i haven't been blogging for the longest time not because my life is less interesting now but it's really due to my damn internet connection. pictures don't load, webpages don't load. damn starhub.

and of course i wonder, who really blogs about their real life now? who really wants to read about an unknown person's life? and really, who cares about what i write? but i'm gonna do it anyway because i like it and i want to preserve the original idea of what blogs are really about (well it wouldn't hurt to once a while earn a littttttle bit of cash from this....).

and also because my still-quite-new job regularly tests my writing skills, this will serve as a platform for practising.

so yes, france was amazing and i hope i muster enough effort (and the internet connection maintains good behaviour) to talk more about it in the next post.

till then...


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