don't rush


With almost all my girlfriends married or set to be married, there’s only a few of us – the single and fabulous ones – left but let me tell you, it ain’t a bad thing! If there’s anything I learnt since rejoining singlehood, it’s this:

Don’t rush and never settle. If it’s meant to be, it will be. 

Although us single ladies ain’t rushing, it doesn’t mean we don’t think about it. But don’t be mistaken, we’re not desperate. We’re merely canvassing and looking at our choices. Before you go all judgy on me, I meant the wedding dress selection!

Being ‘exposed’ to so many weddings (and dresses), it kind of gives me an idea what I would want when I eventually (hopefully) get married to my super hot, dashing, not to mention filthy rich husband (can’t wait!).

When I look at all that crazy-ass preparations for a wedding (and all that money!), I have considered eloping. I don’t think I need the fancy gown, the lovey dovey walk-down-the-aisle ceremony and have everyone look at me and my husband while exchanging vows. It’s too much attention and I’m not really that into attention. And if I do get away with eloping or a really simple and small ceremony, these affordable, yes, cheap wedding dresses from DressStylist are pretty much good enough for me, i guess (haven't given it much thought at this moment haha).

 photo b133_zps6d4936dc.jpg 
 photo b92_zps0bd4eb13.jpg 

I’m into simple and clean lines and I think these are perfect especially if on a tight budget. I can totally do a Keira Knightley for the first dress and wear it again for other occasions! Or even have the kids draw some stuff and make it an art piece like Angelina Jolie’s! 

What would you wear?

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