justin o'shea

the not-so newly-single me is having a major man crush on the buying director of mytheresa.com - justin o'shea.

there's a certain je ne sais quoi about him. maybe it's the beard, maybe it's the combed-back hair with sunglasses, maybe it's his impeccable sense of style, maybe even because of how good he and his girlfriend veronika heilbrunner always, always look together on streetstyle photos.

maybe, most probably, it's all those tattoos. i'm swooned.

   photo j5_zps40c31d18.jpg

 photo j2_zpsc28eed78.jpg  photo j6_zps7e29c44b.jpg

 photo j1_zps43866c68.jpg

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Ella Becker said...

Greatt read thank you