YSL Touche Éclat

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i've been dying to try ysl's touche eclat for the longest time and when the bf asked me what i wanted for christmas, it had to be this! and a new red lipstick because i personally find that ysl's lipsticks are very moisturizing (smells great too!). and you can never have enough red lip color, as with shoes and bags :)

so before i decided to try it, i did some research - like how to apply it, what is it really for, is it a concealer or highlighter.. etc etc.

one common misconception is that the touche eclat is a concealer. it is NOT. it is actually a highlighter. well unless your under eye dark circles are almost non-existent, then maybe i think it might conceal well for you.

the touche eclat does not conceal, but is able to brighten up the complexion of your face (or under the eyes) with light reflecting pigments in the product to make you look radiant and fresh.

whatever the lady at the ysl counter told me is totally opposite from what i researched online. she told me it's a concealer, and it cakes if i don't apply the ysl eye serum underneath (that costs about $100). i'm not sure if it was wise to tell me that the product she was promoting will cake, or perhaps she was just trying to push for more sales. anyway many reviews mentioned that it doesn't cake, and i am wearing it today. so far so good as i am typing this.

the texture is good and the application is easy. now i'll just have to figure out how to highlight my nose and cheek bones properly! this video will show you just how: xoxo

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