weekend food roundup

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Selfish Gene Cafe 
40 Craig Road

The bf is sometimes just a litttle bit hard to please but he liked what he ordered (B.O.B), so that must be good! I quite like my ham and cheese sandwich and we'll definitely be back for more! But not for coffee.. that one not so good. The Plain just next door serves pretty good coffee.

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Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery 
Serangoon NEX #B1-K1 

Really pretty and fancy looking breads! Love the custard sheeps (not pictured)!

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The Bravery Cafe 
66 Horne Road 

Another cafe by the same guys at The Plain. If you're very hungry, the serving portion will not fill you up. To me, breakfasts and brunches must be filling and make you somewhat satisfactory but this doesn't. I would rather have a cup of coffee and panini at The Plain.

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And.. good ol' Haagen-Dazs!

All these are so fattening but I can't wait try out more brunch places and cafes!


Unknown said...

nom nom nom everything look so delicious


Unknown said...

Ah, I'm totally drooling over these pictures. The Bravery Cafe looks right up my alley!

Maddie said...

Whoa all the food looks so, so delicious! This instantly made me really hungry! :D

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