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I am OBSESSED with parody tees. When i saw the feline (Celine) one, I knew I had to get it.

 photo photo6_zps4dc8287d.jpg

And i couldn't help, but gotten the Homies (Hermes) one too.

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Both from Brian Lichtenberg.

I did a bit of research, and only found the feline one from Brian Lichtenberg. The other famous parody tees online store would be Reason Clothing, which is also available on ASOS (selected styles).

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Partier (Cartier) tee from here, Catvenchy (Givenchy) tee from here.

And then I wondered, so who copied who, and since they all retailed at different prices (especially the Homies tee), where should I buy from?

I don't remember where I read this from, but RC started the Homies tee. But, there's a difference, more on that later.

BL and RC have their unique tees (like feline) and their own version of the tees (like Balmain is ballin for BL and nawman for RC). So it really depends on what you want.

And if you're looking for the Homies tee, and you happen to live in Singapore, the best place to buy it would be through the Reason Clothing website here. Because.. I did my math! The Homies tee is about SGD80 on ASOS, but about SGD70 including shipping after conversion on RC website. Actually it doesn't make too much of a difference. In fact, I trust ASOS's free shipping more than RC's USPS Priority Mail because I've experienced lost mail on that before. However with that said, both are non-trackable. (I think a lot when I buy online!)

So anyway, the Homies tee from BL is USD60 + approx. USD55 shipping to Singapore but it's FedEx Priority with tracking so it's almost safe to say that the possibility of lost mail is close to 0.

Difference between RC and BL Homies tee:

  photo blog2_zps00585222.jpg

The main illustration is different, as well as the text New York for RC, and South Central for BL.

Which one of the parody tees out there are your favourites?

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Unknown said...

I have Celine top at home. I love the homies and feline looks cool too. They are just adorable