DIY: kitty flats

so as you probably know, i LOVE cats. when i saw the charlotte olympia kitty flats i really wanted it but i am not the kind who is willing to spend a bomb on shoes because i'll probably wear it to death and there goes that few hundred bucks. maybe one day i'll come to terms with wearing expensive shoes but right now, i'm gonna DIY if i can!

 photo photo4_zpsa51c851a.jpg

you will need:
1. black suede/cloth flats (cotton on/rubi always has them on sale)
2. 1 piece of felt
3. black thread + needle
4. glitter glue

 photo photo5_zps27090dd5.jpg

how to do it:
1. cut out little triangles of felt for the ears (you can trim the pointed part to make it round)
2. sew on the ears on your flats (do try out where you want the ears to be, and while holding it, start sewing)
3. draw using the glitter glue (takes pretty long to dry, i recommend a day before touch up)

i'm not really good at drawing eyes (they always end up looking quite freaky) so i drew hearts instead. but they don't quite look like hearts either, haha.

there you have it! charlotte olympia inspired kitty flats.



Unknown said...

awwwwwwwwwww they are so cute

Lots of Love

queenhorsfall said...

sooo cute