what i'd wear to.. brisbane

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okay i have this somewhat silly thing i always do before trips.. and that's planning for my outfits! few months before i actually go for my holiday, i'll already be thinking of what i'll be wearing, and what i need to buy just so i can wear it there! yes.. i'm guilty of this shopping for holiday thing.

so here's something i put together that i'm thinking of wearing.. denim on denim.. leather jacket and a bright colored pair of flats that will stand out. brisbane's the least cold out of the other two cities that i'll be going so i think the amount of layers should do!

stay tuned for what i'd wear to sydney and melbourne!


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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I plan my outfits before trips too. Sometimes down to the T. It's fun.

Great picks. Loving the jacket.

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