flash back to 08

disclaimer: beware of old and not-so-glamorous photos ahead! i think my friends and i are aging like wine, tasting looking muucchh better than before. ;)

so.. i'm getting really very excited about my trip to down under in august! been looking at old photos to remember what we can do (and eat!) and simply just reminiscing the good old times. here's what we have to do..

fool around a bit at guyatt park along brisbane river.. like what sophie and i used to do  photo IMG_8065_zpsdbb16995.jpg  photo IMG_8131_zps9ae9729c.jpg

visit the brisbane city casino.. and get free parking when we go to the city photo IMG_1043_zps4214fb87.jpg

lie on the great court in school!  photo IMG_8598_zps9e442d98.jpg

take a nice walk in the park and enjoy the weather (because when we come back to singapore it's an oven 24/7)
  photo IMG_5666_zpsbfb57867.jpg

get spray-on tats in gold coast  photo IMG_7133_zpsc9c0cfe6.jpg

go to mount cootha and kangaroo point!  photo IMG_9298_zpsb0371106.jpg

this picture here is what we're gonna use and do a before and after! stay tuned for the five years later picture!



Unknown said...

sweet pictures. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun


Alex said...

How exciting!! I love Australia. I'm planning a move to Melbourne in February [if everything works out], so I'd love to be able to visit Brisbane at some point!