food post: korean (part i)

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i know it took me forever to post these pictures from my trip to south korea in feb/mar but they finally made it! looking at all these pictures reminded me of the good times and good food in korea. i want to eat them all again so badly. nonetheless if you're ever visiting south korea, these are some of the food you'll be expecting and don't be afraid to try, they're super delicious. Oh by the way, see the photo above, that shell thing? it's abalone. and we didn't know it was LIVE until we wanted to pick it up and throw into the steamboat, it started cringing, closing itself up left to right.... how delightful.

this ginseng chicken soup below, best one i've ever tried. if you ask me now i'd forgotten where it is but it's near the palace and it's very famous.

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abalone porridge. after eating i realised it was made from abalone inards.

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part ii coming up soon!

have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

OMG I'm starving now after looking at your pictures. Everything looks so yummy!Hope you've had a great fun.

Kisses from Ireland

Unknown said...

looks delicious, glad you shared! thanks for visiting my blog :) i'd love to follow each other like you said...i'll start first xo jess

Stephanie said...

Oh jeez, I just had dinner and now I have a craving for Korean food. The pictures are amazing, and the food looks so good!