Chanel Cruise 2014

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karl lagerfeld chose singapore (where i'm from!) to launch chanel cruise 2013/2014 collection?

although it doesn't mean anything to most singaporeans (like when i told the bf, he was like who's karl? louis vuittion? *slaps forehead*), i felt so proud and happy that he chose singapore. this means putting tiny sunny singapore on the fashion map!

when people think fashion and cities, they think paris, london, new york, where the major fashion weeks are. and if in asia, you think of tokyo. i must admit, singapore is more known for humid warm weather, flip-flops and shorts (a.k.a. terrible fashion) but it's changing. the local fashion scene is changing. and i truly hope having more of such opportunities would put us even more prominent on map. even if not for fashion, i do hope more people know where singapore is.

a few years ago when i was studying abroad, although just 8-9 hours' plane ride away, quite a number of locals didn't know where singapore is.

most would even say we're a part of china. we are ABSOLUTELY not. so if that's what you thought, i hope you learnt something new today! :)


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Unknown said...

The collection is very interesting, make up & models hair spice it up even more;-)

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Oh, this is so beautiful!!!

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yeah! the collection is amazing !

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amazing collection!
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