South Korea: Everland

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love them kitties! big and small.

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the tragic story of how i never got to eat this ice cream that david fed me straight into my mouth like how he's feeding me the corn (horizontally into my mouth like a rocket) - it fell right out before my mouth got to it.

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so cute i just want to pat it!
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pardon my expression, it was my first time having birdies land on my palms and pecked the shit out of it!
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and this.. is a hybrid cross between a lion and a tiger - liger.

everland resort is this amazing huge theme park that has sorta like a mini zoo in it, as well as rides. we spent most of our time looking at animals at the zoo part, did this float snow slide thing. oh if you're ever there, do queue for the safari ride to get upclose encounter with these big cats and bears doing tricks.



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