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some of the things i didn't think of before transferring to a new domain was how to redirect my readers and followers?!

the minute i got the new url up through blogger, was a 404. i panicked a little, asked for help from my IT savvy friends, reading blogger and google apps forum (which is not the most helpful) but finally a friend shared a link on different ways for redirection.

of all options that sounded like foreign languages, i chose to create another blog using my old domain ( by changing some DNS details on the host server. OMG this sounds so incredibly geek and I DID IT. :D

so I am manually directing readers here and i sure hope it works! so anyway, thankfully i didn't lose my google friend connect followers, but my bloglovin followers are still for

SO, please follow love,minnie now through the new bloglovin link here, or on the side bar. Follow on Bloglovin

thank you and i hope to bring more interesting posts to you!


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