bits of seoul and jeju

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1. frozen lake at gyeongbokgung palace / 2. hidden dragon in the palace's hall

3 & 4. us at the peak of the mountain which i finally got up to after resting and whining and almost losing it. it was just too tiring to climb up those steps! the bf was very persistent but very patient.

5. who knew meat and cabbage would taste so good / 6. teddy bear style! / 7. louis vuitton bear

please bear with me for the random and messy way of sharing of my pictures in korea. i had photos in david's iphone (which is of amazing quality), my camera and my sister's camera and i didn't feel like consolidating everything before blogging.

pictures will be posted in bits here and there, do leave a comment if you have questions! i'm planning to share the direction to Haha's restaurant in hongdae because the one i found online was wrong and unhelpful, as well as some eating places that i really liked. :)



RaeAbigael said...

JEAALOOOOUUSSS! hehe. i hope i can visit Korea too! :D And you took awesome photos dear! :)

Rae \(^o^)/
Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

Sarvin Sidhu said...

this place looks great! can't wait to visit Korea someday! :D

xo Sarvin