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A friend of mine recently showed me this video of an event at Shaw recently where people are invited to tap their smartphones at a booth. Many people curiously went up to tap their phones and for a few lucky ones, it's like their phone instantly connected with the system somehow - spot light and music came on, people running out from nowhere and cheering them on like superstars (they even got flowers on the red carpet!) They won instant mobile coupons like MovieBites Combo, free movie tickets and even IMAX tickets simply by tapping their NFC-enabled smartphones (phones like Samsung S3, Sony Xperia)!

I was thinking how cool it was so I went to find out more. NFC (Near Field Communications) is a short-range wireless communication technology that transmits data between a mobile device and reader. I really like this whole 'tap and get' concept and given our mobile lifestyle these days, how we can forget to bring our wallets and purses but never ever forget about our mobile phones, DBS knows us and is introducing Singapore's first virtual credit card so it's okay to forget your wallet now! Think taking public transport, eating and watching movie with just your phone!

With DBS one.tap, we can now tap and pay for purchases when we go shopping and even pay for the taxi fare with our mobile phones! The best part that this is not only accepted by a few selected merchants but there are 30,000 acceptance points, including my favourite Watsons, Shaw Theatre and Comfort & City Cab! When we tap at Shaw, we can also redeem mobile coupons by attaching it on our phone (electronically) before we pay and redeem the offer instantly and automatically! How cool is this!

This new payment service is a collaboration between DBS, MasterCard, StarHub and EZ Link to provide people like us, who love the convenient way of things, a secure way of payment through the digital wallet app called "SmartWallet".

Find out more about what you can do with DBS one.tap here!

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