the (short) long weekend


sorry for the disappearance! spent most of my long weekend repainting my home and boy, i have never felt like 80 years old so tired and achy! my feet hurt so bad i swear i was gonna start limping but that led me to find the best food reflexology place in singapore, in my opinion. i'm not the kind who's very into the pain from massages so i told the 'master' i just wanted pain and sore relief for my feet, not so much of the foot reflexology points and my feet miraculously stopped hurting immediately, even the next day.

so.. back to painting the room. finally got down to repainting my room to a beautiful shade of purple and grey. seeing the lovely colors everyday makes me feel so happy inside :). with a new coat of paint, my dad is inspired to get new furnitures for the home and that includes a new shoe closet! woohoo! i'm very excited for that one. as for my room, i'm gonna be getting a new study table and hopefully dresser as well!

will continue with my bangkok travel diary soon!


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