and we're off.. just for a little while

our long awaited holiday is finally here! i heard it's been raining mad in bangkok but i'm still very excited! 

what i really want to wear: Photobucket

what i'll actually wear: Photobucket
to me, comfort is most important when travelling to a warm climate country. especially when you have to walk a lot in the sun, rain, possibly flood, and carry all your shopping loots (bring a huge shopping bag instead of taking plastic bags please!) everywhere. be as comfortable as possible.

if you're travelling to any south east asian countries anytime soon, my tip would be to wear light, bring a light cardigan along in case it gets chilly when in the malls, and bring an umbrella cause' you'll never know when it's gonna pour!


images from: topshop, asos, nastygal, gojane

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Ingrid said...

Have fun and thanks for the tips! :)

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