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spent almost the whole of last weekend watching korean melodrama rooftop prince (they're english subbed!) and i bawled my eyes out. i'm a sucker for shows like this - time travel, two people who love each other but they cannot be together.the time travel's unrealistic but i love them! there was a lot of twists and shocking discoveries in rooftop prince and it's one of the best korean dramas i've ever watched! then again, i don't really watch korean dramas...

anyway, do you believe in reincarnation? i came across this story on dailymail about how this boy was the reincarnation of an american fighter pilot who died during wwi or wwii. when he was young he would've dreams of war and how his jet crashed and he could remember all the details vividly, including his then name, friends and family. then the parents who found this very strange decided to investigate and they found details about him, the pilot who died, his pilot squadron and his family. lastly, to confirm it, the boy had a skype video chat with his "past" family and he recognised all of them (even though they're really old ladies now), saying their names, to their surprise. he even asked for his sister (i think, or mother) who wasn't in the video with the rest of them.

so.. do you?


Tala said...

everything here is my dream !!
as far as reincarnation... i dont know... but that is an interesting story re the boy... things to think about... !

Leonor said...

your blog is so sweet!! love all the pretty things in this post:)) I would love to follow each other! just let me know once you followed me and I will follow you back!:D