Four Reasons To Love Maxi Dresses

It’s important that you treat yourself to a few new things now and then. With summer here, you’re no doubt looking to get into the swing of things with a few fresh, funky and summery dresses!

Yet, sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle finding something that goes with everything else in your wardrobe. Expensive dresses are lovely but sometimes it’s difficult to part with lots of money to find something that you can wear wherever you like.

If this is you, then a maxidress could be the answer. One of summer season’s hottest buys, here are five reasons why you should love them too:

1 – Wear Them With Anything!

With a maxi dress there are no rules! The best thing about them is their length. The fabric hangs low at the ankle and what you wear them with is completely down to your imagination.

Ballet pumps and chunky plastic jewellery; grunge boots and shades - it’s entirely up to you. Your shoes, hair and jewellery will change your look greatly and allow you the greatest flexibility out of absolutely any garment out there.

2 – Wear Them Anywhere!

Likewise, you can wear them wherever you like. If it’s a special night out you can team them with a pair of chunky wedge heels and pin your hair up for the ultimate in airy summer sophistication.

You can also wear them to the beach or around town with a little pair of flip flops. You can even dress them down entirely and wear you new dress to work with a pair of black tights.

3 – They Work With Your Body, Not Against It!

Maxi dresses provide just the right amount of cover and exposure for your body. They are long so you won’t have to feel uncomfortable and like everything’s out on show. Similarly, they won’t swamp you head to toe in material so when you go out you won’t feel like you’re completely covered up.

4 – They Aren’t Expensive Either!

Maxi dresses are great value for money, meaning that you can afford to have fun in your new dress. You don’t want to be all dressed up with nowhere to go and with a maxi dress, you’ll not only have enough money left over to spend on a few great nights out on the town, but you’ll be able to a afford a few other new luxuries as well – like some new jewellery or a new pair of shoes.

Maxi dress this weekend, anyone?

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