us - now and then

us, now.

us, 2008. 
(when we were still fresh-faced and innocent, HA)

it's been a while since three of us had a nice dinner together. i miss them so much. we used to see each other everyday from the minute we wake to the time we sleep. and if we watch a horror movie together, we'll sleep together and do everything together. fun times ;)

people often told me that housemates will inevitably fall out. not us, we may have our hormonal and angsty days but we're the best housemates ever.

while digging out this old photo from my brisbane folder, seeing all the old photos made me feel a little sad. sad in a nostalgic and nice kind of way. those were really really great times, even during the bad times, it was still great. what i would do to live that all over again.

next year for my birthday, i wish that we can do a road trip again! all of us, same gang same people. :) y'all heard me! and we need to throw in a ski trip in the itinerary cause' that's how i make my bf agree to vacations these days (we're going skiing in feb! more on that another time). heehee.


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Meg said...

How cute!! I love this post and your blog! Xo