the day we flew a kite

that's ours! bought it a long time ago but never got to fly it! at first we thought it was a goldfish, then we realised that it's a frog. teehee.

this octopus kite was awesome! look how cute it is!

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very good day to fly kites! look at all those kites in the sky!
we've never flown a kite before and it was fun! simple and inexpensive, i like it. we did it at west coast park and i actually quite like this park! more than the supposedly more fun east coast park. plenty of space, lesser people, more parking lots available but the downside is that there's only a pedal-go-kart rental kiosk and mcdees. no bicycle rental, no other food options. but there's a huge ass playground/obstacle course thing that's fun for everyone, including us grown-ups (i swear at some point we felt like little girls and boys.. laughing, screaming.......).

so.. at the end of the day we became pro kite flyers. no skills required, all you need is a good, strong wind. ;)

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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Must have been a fun day. You are so right. It's a cheap and simple way to have fun. In fact, we just flew our kite at the park today.
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