my new favourite sandals! been trying to get my hands on one of those strappy heels but can't seem to find out with the right fit but i found a similar style that's flat and easy to walk in! love it, goes with almost everything :)
a little late but happy birthday Singapore! while dressing up to go for lunch this morning i was contemplating to wear red and white! though i didn't in the end cause' i feel it was a littttle bit cheesy, i still love my country and am proud of her. the education system, transport system (although a little screwed lately), the cleanliness, the safety.. and so much more makes this country a great one to live in. sometimes it may be a love-hate thing between us but at the end of the day i love you nonetheless.

oh and urm.. we had lunch at brussels sprouts today and the blue cheese mussels were absolutely yummy!


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