top - city plaza (very old) / shorts - lovebonito / bag - my sister's ps1

haven't had sucha fun weekend in a while! my brother in law drove us to malacca for another day trip and once again we did nothing but eat. well we did walk quite a bit and the sun was glorious but i'm sure it ain't enough to burn the extra calories! so... i went for a jog today! i used the nike running app on iphone and it was kinda cool. joey (my colleague and sometimes many times partner in crime :)) introduced me the app. it's able to track how far you ran and when you were the fastest and slowest. when i saw joey's tracks, hers was mostly green (fast) so i told her if i were to use it, it'll be all red (slow) and... well.. let's just say i had more red and orange but hey! better exercise a little than nothing!

i'm feeling so tired today, will update with more photos from malacca soon!



marykapsi said...

love your bag dear!
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Bonnie said...

Your shirt is so cute! Meeeoww.

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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Super cool shirt!
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Fashion R&D said...

Great shirt, love the shorts and I would just keep that bag! It's gorgeous!

Lien said...

what a cool shirt ;)
Love your look :)