fate is a funny thing

last saturday i decided to tag along for fufu's checkup at the vet. i love animals so i thought going there would mean seeing people's cats and dogs so i was kind of excited. but i forgot that i'm not visiting a pet shop, i'm visiting the VET, only animals with problems go there (sick, dying, injured.. etc) but when i realised this, it was too late. i had to see something heartbreaking.

a couple carried their pet husky into the clinic, one of them was sobbing. the poor husky had blood dripping out from its mouth and was quickly brought into the room. shortly after, we heard someone saying "already dead" really loudly. my guess was that the vet had said that to the owner, and the owner repeated what she heard in disbelief.

the sight was so heartbreaking. i felt really really sad, but the only consolation is that the husky probably died quickly, it didn't have to suffer long. then we were really curious. there were no visible wounds on the body, just blood from its mouth. it must be internal injuries, but how did it die?

when it was fufu's turn, i pestered my sister to ask the vet what happened to that husky. not wanting to seem too nosey, we couldn't find the right moment to ask. then when making payment, i kept eyeing my sister to ask the clinic assistant but still, we didn't dare ask, afraid that it might be some sort of privacy invasion.

it bugged both of us the whole day - how did the husky die, what happened to it? it was still in my thoughts on sunday and when i thought of it, i still felt really sad. by the end of monday, i've stopped thinking about it.

today, i found out how it died on stomp.sg. seeing the husky on saturday was really, i can't tell you enough, a very terrible and sad thing for me. but knowing how it died really broke my heart. and i was so angry. it was a hit and run. :(

it happened on 30 june, along old jurong road, hit by a yellow cab. the owners are now looking for eye witnesses to identify the cab number. i think i have more international readers but if you live here, please help to spread the word and help the owners. contact can be found through stomp.sg. i gotta be honest with you, i don't dare to go to the stomp page to paste the link because seeing the photos makes me tear.

my sister and i really wanted to know what happened to it. and now we do. :(

and i'm never going to tag along to the vet's for fun ever again.

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