foodful weekend

my weekend was nothing but food. so much that i didn't feel like having lunch today. oh.. my poor waistline.

all these were prepared by david's friend. the salad was so good, i LOVE feta cheese. and all sorts of cheese in fact.

stuffed chicken with spinach and also with mushroom and bacon. my eyes lit up when i saw the spinach buried in chicken breast. both my favourites!
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had high tea with the girls at the rose verandah at shangri la hotel on sunday. love their tea selections. the place was packed with people who made reservations for 12, 15, 16 etc so if you're thinking of going there, please make reservations wayyy in advance.

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good ol' housemates time gossiping and catching up makes us miss the good times in brisbane so bad. :(

i need to go on a diet, for real this time!


Elisabeth said...

Hi beautiful! tnks a lot for ur lovely comment (: Your post look delicious!!

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angelika eM said...

love it!

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Lien said...

MMMM the food looks great :)

Yeah we can follow each other for sure.
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wulan wu said...

you make me eat for supper tonight!

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Chelsea Finn said...

Wow! All of this food looks so incredible! Your actually making me hungry all over again!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

melisa said...

Hi, my name is Melisa and i'm from Spain. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Is amazing, and the photos are very beautiful, I FOLLOW YOU :D


Damn It Vogue! said...

God...i´m hungry now :P Great blog!!

marykapsi said...

Love this post!!!